Fleetr was conceived for the purpose of managing the booking of vehicles and fleets to ensure the efficient and seamless running of a crucial service for fast-paced operations, through a centralised platform connecting drivers with dispatchers and customers.

The Solution Provides the Following Features:

Real-time Location

View driver location on live map

Driver Management

View, assign, & edit driver tasks

Task Management

View when drivers are assigned

Driver Trail

View driver “breadcrumb” trail, detailing which route drivers took to and from

Driver Engagement

Dynamically manage drivers with our dashboard, keeping them organised, productive & updated

The Operational Benefits:

Streamlined Operations

Streamline vehicle operations & make cost and time efficiencies with intelligent dispatching based on driver type & GPS location

Live Progress

Users of the platform are kept updated on the status of their vehicle transport through the use of an app to view their drivers progress live

Virtual Management

Engage your drivers by managing them dynamically through a dashboard platform, keeping them organised, productive & up to date


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